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Usually the Rolex watches do come with that Rolex engraving on the clasp itself. I'm gonna go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist, so you can get a general idea of how that looks on a wrist. So give me one second here while I put that on. Alright, look at that watch. It looks very nice under the light, the dial shines a very beautiful blue under the light. And as I said before that blue definitely pops against that gold. It's a pretty good color. Alright, so, if you want to check out more of this watch, you wanna head over to or click on the link below in the description. We have additional pictures on the website if you want to take a closer look at this watch. We offer the lowest price guaranteed with free shipping and a one-year warranty. If you liked the blog, please like, comment, and subscribe below as well to get our blogs directly into your watch replica co uk feed, and thank you guys for read. I hope to see you guys soon.

Hey everybody, Today I'm reviewing a cheap watchbox I picked up off ebay for only $19. First quick wrist watch check. Again I'm wearing my Citizen Nighthawk, very nice! Anyhow, let's get this bag open... So yeah, here's the watchbox... Before this I kept my watches on my nightstand till I started getting too many of them... ...and after that I started putting the nicer ones in a cigar box, but this was also less than ideal. I really didn't want to spend big money on an expensive watchbox, so naturally, I looked for the cheapest thing I could find! For the money I didn't do too badly, better than a cigar box anyway.

It comes with pillows to mount the watches. Hey, 12 free pillows! Using the magic of blog editing, I'll fill up the top row with watches I have floating around the studio so you get an idea how it rolex replica watches for sale looks. Replica cartier Watches Swiss Movement I can see there's going to be a problem already.... bigger cases like the Roussau watch in slot 4 do not fit, so the case sits on TOP of the partitions. The Nighthawk in position 2 really doesn't fit properly either. Needless to say my Timex Gridshock does not fit in the box. ...and what am I going to do with my vast collection of Invicta and Diesel watches?!? Just kidding... I don't own any of those... :) The other problem is that instead of a metal hinge, they have a fabric ribbon material that either hangs outside the box when closed which looks ridiculous,

or gets stuck inside the watchbox and blocks the fake rolex usa view of the watches inside. Having each watch mounted on a pillow is a great feature. It allows you to quickly order and re-order the watches in any way you want inside the case. Watchbot, can we have some specs for this box? The box will hold 12 replica rolex made in usa watches with a maximum width of around 45mm. Thanks watchbot! Right around the time I got my watch box, a friend picked one replica watches uk omega up as well, his box has a metal hinge as well as a secondary drawer underneath to store "man jewlery" like straps, rings, cuff-links, etc... #MANJEWELERY His was only a few dollars more, I believe he paid under $30 for it. I think what I'm going to do is get a better box for the nicer watches in my collection, and save this box for all the crappy ones I get in. Anyhow, that's all I have for now! If you enjoyed this blog, plase like, comment and subscribe to my channel! Thanks for read!Thank you for read this blog This is a Rolex Yacht-master 2 reference 116688 It's 18 carat mens rolex presidential replica watch yellow gold The Yacht-Master 2 was introduced at Basel world in 2007 The movement is a caliber 4160 The case is 44 millimeters It has a 0 to 2 minute countdown function called the regatta countdown It has a sapphire crystal This watch is water resistant to 330 feet or 100 meters Thank you for read and please subscribe for more blogs and updates Also please visit the Sant Blanc website for more informationWelcome to Today we're going to be comparing the Rolex Submariner Ceramic 114060, on your left, with the Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79220N, on your right. We're gonna compare the pricing, the case, the bezel, the dial, the bracelet, the buckle ,

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and the movement, and let you know where at you can buy it for the lowest price. That's W-W-W dot for the lowest price anywhere online. We match prices, offer free shipping, and a one year warranty. Now let's go ahead and start with the price. At you can buy the Submariner for $6,700, and the retail price is $7,500. The Tudor Heritage, on your right, retails for $3,495, and you can buy it at for $3,100. So the price difference here is a lot. It's about $3,000 difference in price. As promised, I'm going to go through the differences, and compare each one. So let's start with comparing the dials. Now the Rolex Submariner, here, has a maxi dial. It has a black dial which is the same as you see here, but the black dial, here, does not have this matte look to it. And it also a maxi dial with luminous hour markers and white gold surrounds. Now let's compare that to the Tudor 79220.

The patina on it is darker, as you see. It also has luminous hour markers, and they're about the same size, but it has a much larger hand, in fact it's called a snow flake hand, that allows it to be read at night. Comparing these two dials side by side, they're approximately the same width, or the diameter, but you'll notice that on the Submariner the case is 40 millimeter, whereas the Tudor Black Bay Heritage has a 41 milli breitling replica watches review meter case. Can you guys see the difference? Not so much. It's a one millimeter difference. Very hard to see. Now moving on to the bezel. The bezel on both of these are a unidirectional bezel. On the Submariner 11460, it has a ceramic bezel, as opposed to the Tudor Black Bay, that has a anodized aluminum bezel. Now on the Submariner, you can see the ceramic bezel is shinier, it doesn't ever fade, it's very, very hard, and it doesn't scratch, but it's also $3,000 more expensive. The Tudor, on the other hand, has a aluminum anodized bezel. In terms of function they both do the same thing. They calculate elapsed time. You put the pearloid at the minute hand, replica watch dealer and you simply allow it time to progress. They're both unidirectional, which allows you to calculate elapsed time trusted replica watch websites when you're diving, and to always have a safety buffer, and to never have less time underwater, to always have more time underwater. So for example, let's you have been diving for 10 minutes. The watch will look something like this. Notice how I can't turn it back the other direction,

so it'll never say five minutes when I've actually dived for 10, and that's why it's unidirectional. That same feature is on the Tudor Black Bay. At 10 minutes, I can not turn the bezel the other direction. Both of them have the same feature. The Submariner has a ceramic bezel and the Tudor has a matte anodized aluminum bezel. Now moving on to the case, the Rolex Submariner uses a super fake watches online india case, it's a Monobloc stainless steel case, and as I told you it has a 40 millimeter diameter. The Tudor also has a Monobloc case, but it uses a 41 millimeter case. Now if look at the side by side, they don't look that much different, they're only 1 buy replica watches online china millimeter difference. Now let's move on to the bracelet. The bracelet, as you can see here, side by side. The bracelet on your left is using an Oyster band. It's a bit thinner. It uses 904L steel, which is the best steel, it's the hardest steel, it's used in chemical and airline industries. And the one on you right, the Tudor, uses also a very nice bracelet, but it doesn't use the same 904L steel, but it's also $3,000 less expensive. Now moving on to the bracelet-- I'm sorry the buckle. The buckle on your left is the Submariner buckle, and that uses a folding Oyster safety clasp, meaning it has this extra buckle right here that allows it to be safety clasped in,

so if you're doing sports. The Tudor also uses this safety clasp, so that when you're doing sports it doesn't accidentally open. Now I'm going to open them up, both so that you can see. The Submariner opens like that. Interestingly the Submariner has a built in mechanism to change the bracelet size without actually using any tools, and it allows for up to 20 millimeters of play, this is at the open position. If I want to change it to make it smaller, I simply pull out and push to the right. Push back in and I've changed it by 20 millimeters, or up to 20 millimeters. Pull it out, push it all the way in, pull it all the way out, and I've jacob replica watches changed it 20 millimeters. Why might you want to do that? Well this is diver's watch, which means sometimes you wear the watch over your wetsuit, and you want to have an extension. So this allows for that without any tools. Now on the Black Bay Heritage, you don't have that. You have a safety clasp so that when you're doing sports it still opens like this. But on the back there is no adjustment. You must actually use a tool to make the adjustment, and as you can see here, you use a pin,

you push it in, you pull it out, and that allows for an adjustment, but you must have a tool. So that's a difference in the buckle. Shown side by side. That's the buckle. Now let's move on to the movement here. Now on the Rolex we have a 3130 movement. It has approximately 48 hour power reserve, and a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring oscillator. fake rolex submariner ebay It's precise to plus minus two seconds a day after casing. And it's self-winding, mechanical, and perpetual. The movement is made in-house by Rolex themselves. They don't outsource any of it. And it's encased behind this here: a solid case back which you cannot see. Now for the Tudor, it also has an in-house movement, and it has a MT5602 in-house COSC certified movement. It's in-house meaning it's not outsourced to anybody else, and it has a power reserve of 70 hours. That's an extra 20 hours. That means you can put this watch on on Friday, put it on your nightstand and not pick it up til Monday and have it still work. Now moving on. Shown side by side, we've gone through each one of the pieces. You can go to, get it for the absolute lowest price. I'm gonna try it on, on the wrist, for you guys to see at home. There's the watch on the wrist, and the Black Bay Heritage as well. Now if you like this blog, click on the Youtube button and hit subscribe. As I told you at the beginning of this blog, if you like the Heritage, and you wanna spend somewhere in the $3,100 range, well this Heritage might just be the watch for you.

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