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B R I E F 

INSYNC was commissioned by Battersea Power Station to create an estate-wide Events & Entertainment Strategy for the world famous site to understand the commercial and cultural potential for events and their effect on the proposed architecture.


The strategy’s findings would enable the architects to take the future use of the site into consideration to optimise building plans, as well as create a body of knowledge and event concepts that could be taken forward by the placemaking and events teams.


After selecting a wide spectrum of event, hospitality, music and festival professionals to build a diverse and well rounded expert team, we analysed each potential event area and brainstormed world-wide trends to map these onto Battersea’s spaces and calendar.


A scoring process then shortlisted the twelve most relevant, profitable and actionable events that would not only attract a significant number of visitors but ensured Battersea was at the bleeding edge of London arts & culture.


From here we created two full event feasibility studies to be taken forward as the development opens from late 2019 to include concept design, key content, budgeting, marketing collateral, site maps, operational analysis and supply chain partnerships – as well an ongoing online engagement programme.


Our industry-wide contact base and experience of arts programming and production plus large-scale event operations meant we were able to bring a broad view of Battersea’s potential and how it could stand out in a crowded marketplace, as well as provide meaningful intelligence on its commercial potential.


The project took place in two stages over twelve months and our findings were presented within a 180-page strategy document. INSYNC was thrilled to be a small part of such a significant project and look forward to seeing ideas come to fruition with great excitement!

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