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B R I E F 


This year Beyond decided to shake it up from their usual Summer trip to the countryside and treat their guests to a wholesome day event followed by an indulgent party with full set design and a range of “weird and wonderful” performance.

D E L I V E R Y 

Taking inspiration from the iconic after hours epicentre of Glastonbury, Shangri-La – with its film set experiential world, art installations, interactive performance and ethos of radical inclusion – we invited guests to join us for a night of hedonism, to get BEYOND CURIOUS and express themselves through exploration and play!


Following a fun packed day of activities at Roof East, the excitable guests arrived to the unique venue under the arches in Shoreditch kitted out in their finest “Twisted Disco” costumes and were greeted by their company initials bedazzled in neon hanging overhead.


A giant mural of Lazarus devil wings served as the perfect photo opportunity and a peep show art installation invited guests to discover three secret art works inside giant boxes.


Provocative bill posting adorned the walls and sculptures wearing various masks kept guests company as they were waiting for drinks at the rustic wooden bar.


After guests had eaten their fill from the buffet, they were treated to a surprise show by four of London’s finest drag queens who descended the spiral staircase through the audience to reveal the hidden main dance floor space with state of the art sound and lighting and Itchy Rich and Waifs & Strays waiting to get the party started.


The Queens performed their first of three shows, compering a series of speeches and awards and inviting guests to join them on the catwalk and for a game of Drag Roulette.


Afterwards a secret tattoo parlour was opened and guests were summoned through four at a time by Mid-I-Ought-To, our punk geisha madam and introduced to two Harajuku girls who educated guests in their Hello Kitty style and J-Pop music.


After having their fortunes told and performing tasks in order to win prizes, guests were adorned with glitter and bad tattoos and posed for a Polaroid before being pushed into a UV ball pit!


At the end of the last drag show, guests were invited to beat their company letters down piñata style, and they exploded with Love Specs glasses, LED badges and emoji toys for them to enjoy on the dance floor. An action packed night of curious thrills not to be forgotten in a hurry!

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything, Friday was such a great night! It was exactly what we wanted and everyone had an amazing time.”

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