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B R I E F 

Create a summer party that makes up for the past 18 months of lost time. An immersive multi-room celebration with an exploratory festival feeling that pays homage to Beyond’s culture & covers all the parties we’ve missed - taking people through a journey of everything that should have happened at Beyond, giving them an idea of what to expect in the future and learning more about the company every step of the way. 


D E L I V E R Y 

Set to the eclectic backdrop of an old converted pub in East London, we created an immersive world for guests to journey through - revealed over the course of the evening to take them through a rollercoaster of events they missed due to lockdown.


Welcome to the ultimate party. 18 months rolled into one day.  Are you lost down the rabbit hole?  A glitch in the Matrix?  Hold tight, we’re about to hurtle through time and space. This house contains memories, ecstasies, celebrations from Beyond's past, and if you find it's secrets, it will send you into a psychedelic, bright, hopeful future... 

Happy Easter! The end of dry January, the budding hope of spring, a silly Summer sports day. Climb the stairs through the time warp to the Tropical House, enjoy a pina colada in the ball pool, get glittered and take a turn on the catwalk in the Silent Disco a la NYC Downlow.


Another trip up the stairs reveals the Halloween room for comedy tarot, voodoo dolls and weird rituals. Welcome to Santa’s Grotto, full of matriarchal power. This is Christmas with a naughty but nice twist. Have you been good or have you sinned?


Down the rabbit hole to the basement and into the closing party space where an NYE countdown catapults us into a future disco to finish the night on the dancefloor. 


"Thank you so much for yesterday. The party really exceeded our expectations.
It was the perfect reunion for all of us after quite some time.
Special shout out to Robin and Mrs Claus who were truly incredible. 
Looking forward to seeing the photos and videos!" 

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