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B R I E F 

Following a fantastic Summer party, INSYNC were commissioned by Mail Brands to create a Christmas celebration for 500 people to topple all those that had gone before.


They were keen to integrate a past, present and future theme whilst ensuring guests had as much fun as possible with a few surprises along the way!



In response, we designed a multi-room experience which took guests on a journey through the decades. DISCO was the unifying theme and we drew largely on the decadence on the 60/70’s, playfulness of the 80/90’s and cutting edge design of the present and future.


The Hurlingham Club’s Palm Court and adjoining rooms were chosen for its’ grand architectural back drop and versatile layout meaning we could reveal rooms one by one. Upon arrival guests were welcomed into a Studio 54 themed main space with bubbles and an impressive seafood fountain under the glistening light of a disco ball canopy.


The most curious quickly discovered a secret tunnel guarded by mysterious Men In Black, and small groups were ushered into the time warp zone with different doors leading to four experiences.


These included a Pop Art photo booth manned by Andy Warhol himself, a 70’s roller disco with its own DJ spinning the classics, an inflatable karaoke booth hosted by a 90’s girl band and an immersive Green Room experience which saw guests led through a dressing room to be prepared before popping out on a stage to perform alongside a host of 80’s acts!


The 80’s Lounge was filled with colourful retro furniture, giant cassette and rubix cube props, Tetris and Pac-Man arcade games and Hulk Hogan served cocktails from the NEON bar under a giant slinky ceiling.


A comedic compere led the entertainment which included an energetic tribute band, flamboyant voguing drag troupe, Craig the Incredible Hula boy and a DJ playing from a giant boombox.. Needless to say, the emphasis for this room was nostalgic fun!


Back in the Palm Court guests feasted from Asian and Nose to Tail street food stalls, as a clock projection counted down to the grand finale.


At 10pm glitter cannons exploded over the dance floor prompting our spectacular LED drumming band to lead the crowd through to the final reveal, the Future Disco which featured a specially constructed stage with projection mapping, glow lounge seating and a surprise performance by special guest Labyrinth.


Afterwards jelly shots were served to those that were still partying hard and smiling guests danced through the decades into the small hours!

“Just wanted to express our enormous gratitude for a fantastic event on Friday. We’ve had lots of fabulous feedback with a lot of people saying it was the best party ever!”