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B R I E F 

This year’s event at the Grove Hotel focused on using big data and future tech to connect and create a better tomorrow, and we were tasked with creating a finale performance and after dinner entertainment to reflect this theme.



As it’s a concept which perfectly demonstrates the power of technology to connect people in creating something powerful and ground breaking, we called upon our incredible virtual orchestra to create a highly unique and engaging wow moment.


Having garnered a reputation for performing their own arrangements of rock and dance music, a bespoke arrangement of the popular club anthem and theme tune to the Matrix, Clubbed to Death was created and rehearsed, and once dinner had finished the conductor was welcomed onto the stage of the Amber Suite.


After setting up video cameras via which to conduct, he introduced sixteen musicians who popped up onto the big screens in order to stream their individual parts remotely from their own homes.


An awe inspiring eight piece percussion troupe then entered from the rear of the room to add additional live impact, processing through the audience and onto the stage to build to an epic crescendo.


Following the performance, guests were invited to follow the drummers out of the room and down to the bar area for after dinner drinks and entertainment in the form some cutting edge virtual reality experiences including the white knuckle Vertigo currently in situ at the top of the shard.


A wonderful evening with many interesting talking points was enjoyed, and a fantastic kick off to the annual conference.

“I wanted to say thank you for tonight, the performance was very powerful and sounded and looked absolutely amazing and the VR games are currently going

down a storm.

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