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B R I E F 


This year Google chose Borough Market as a unique backdrop to their annual Advertising Week dinner, paying homage to the strength of the local community in the wake of the attack this time last year.


A Best of British theme celebrated our eclectic culture with local market traders providing the reception followed by a classic roast carved at the table, and we were tasked with making the space come alive.



To fit with the theme and tie in with the heritage of the building as well as celebrating 250 Years of Circus, a colourful cast of immersive characters and acts inspired by Victorian street performers interacted with guests throughout the reception, adding humour and narrative.


A Pearly King and Queen hosts greeted guests with their cockney rhyming slang as a tumbling circus troupe tumbled through the crowd and a pair of cheeky mice provided a photo moment… and may have picked a pocket or two!


A beautiful flower seller ballerina pirouetted through the space on pointe offering flowers to all in her path and a cheeky chappy with a broom showed guests how to step in time.


The incredible House Gospel Choir provided the soundtrack, performing a mix of gospel and modern dance tunes a capella and once the crowd were suitably warmed up, our flamboyant and quick-witted ring-madame character made the call for dinner.


A colourful procession moved guests from Three Crown Square into the Market Hall where they were treated to a long table feast of British fare and a daring spectacle of aerial hoop, silks and duo straps making good use of the ample ceiling height.


A rousing finale performance by grime artist Nadia Rose got the crowd on their feet to bring a unique and colourful evening to a close.

“You surpassed yourselves last night so a huge thank you from me and the team. It was a big ask in a short space of time and you totally nailed it.Thank you for pulling this one together with such humility and professionalism (and speed), it was a truly wonderful evening.”

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