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B R I E F 

Google asked INSYNC to put on a party at The Barbican for the top 30 winning agencies surrounding their Grow Local campaign.


The event needed to be an evening of Grow Local revelry with different workshops and experiences for the guests to interact with.


The party was followed by a competition within their advertising agency clients surrounding the campaign and INSYNC were commissioned to build an installation for the winning agency, which would reflect Grow Local and bring a taste of Googliness to their space.



The Barbican garden room was transformed into a traditional village fete complete with market stalls, post office and an allotment for people to get involved with. INSYNC commissioned bespoke signage for the top 10 winning agencies in a vintage shop style turning the stalls into mini shop fronts.


Wooden crates overflowing with local produce, colourful painted bikes and an abundance of plants set the scene in true Grow Local fashion.


At 6pm the town crier declared the party started and the conservatory space open. Guests took part in a treasure hunt where they had to complete the workshops and games around the space – Biteable Botany edible terrariums were made, colour changing cocktails were drunk and people played with their food at Extreme Garnishing.


At the village allotment, guests could choose and pot their own plant to take home with them. The village post office was a hub of excitement where guests could post letters to one another and at the Wishing Tree next door people left their feedback on the Grow Local campaign for Google.


The comedic village policemen were on hand ensuring everyone was on their best behaviour and giving out tickets to those who weren’t. At the end of the night paper bags were filled to the brim with guests taking all the edible decorations home with them.


After the competition winner was announced, we created a beautiful indoor garden complete with swinging chairs and stacks of overflowing apple crates – drawing inspiration from the Grow Local logo.


A living Grow Local sign crowned the space and astroturf covered the floor. Guests snacked on fresh fruit and vegetables, raw granola bars, caramelised coconut shavings and sipped from real coconuts and fresh juices in the Google colours.


Guests were given mini cacti in coloured pots to take back to their desks and live on after the day!

“The event was incredible, we’ve got a lot of great feedback on it. Some colleagues in California even caught wind of the event and wanted to know more!”

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