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B R I E F 


LUSH and Ethical Consumer asked INSYNC to create an awards evening for 150 guests to celebrate the annual LUSH Prize.


The Prize is awarded for Public Awareness, Lobbying, Science, Training and Young Researchers in the development of alternatives to animal testing, and is an important networking event for the researchers, developers, scientists and lobbyists working in the field.



INSYNC responded to this brief by creating a scientific landscape with creative production which set the tone for the event, but also included interactive elements guests could experiment with, introducing an opportunity for play and creating conversation points.


On arrival, guests were welcomed by a beacon of light in the shape of the infamous LUSH boxing hares on the facade of the spectacular LSO St Lukes church and were welcomed into the main vaulted space.


This was awash with blue light and decorated with geometric hanging himmelis with white LED blocks and molecule sculptures as table centres.


Each of the production elements represented the prize categories, from an interactive shadow scene where guests could “intervene” in an animal testing experiment and share their photos, reflecting the lobbying and public awareness prize, to a pop up molecular bar with nitrogen mojitos, petri dish edible gels and DIY molecular pearls representing the science and young researchers awards.


Guests were treated to a three course experimental vegan feast carefully orchestrated by Bubble caterers complete with a herb and spice party popper as part of their starter - guests were encouraged to put on their personalised science goggles before popping, and these doubled as the table placement.


The awards took place during dinner and were hosted by comic genius Neil Mularkey, who expertly inspired and entertained before everyone tucked into a beautiful golden orb with double chocolate agave mousse for pudding.


An exciting, educational and inspiring evening!

“Thank you so much, the food, production and tech all worked perfectly together - a fantastic night

enjoyed by all.’