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B R I E F 

Onefinestay commissioned INSYNC to create a Summer party to mark their recent acquisition by the Accor Hotel Group, a fun and highly memorable night which celebrated the brand’s identity and past, present and future journey of the company.


Taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland to reference the company’s early branding, and the production style of Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More, we produced an immersive experience which saw guests welcomed to the IMW Hotel, an “unhotel” and a comical antithesis to a Onefinestay experience.


The natural character of the metalworks already inspired much of the look and feel of the night and twisting the mise en scene of Wes Anderson with the caricature of tim burton, we enhanced its setting using props, lighting and highly visual installations for guests to interact with.


Guests were welcomed by our vintage flame throwing tuba player and arrived into a hotel lobby with piles of vintage luggage furniture and a hanging key installation.


The concierge was manned by the two lead characters Nemo Zubrowsko and his sidekick bell boy who engaged guests in hilarious conversation and gave everyone their own key.


The ballroom space off the courtyard was dressed as a quirky penthouse suite with hanging pictures and screens to divide the space into bedroom, bathroom and lounge area.


Strange props, art and taxidermy sat on half pieces of furniture, the bathroom featured a glitter bar next to a ball pit bath and the bedroom was a photo booth with dress up box for guests to get intimate and capture the memory of their strange stay.


Throughout the evening small groups were led away by the hotel staff and bizarre hotel guests through a maze of corridors featuring disorientating signs and unusual performances to a secret experience – a strange tea party in a derelict room where they were invited to sample a psychedelic spread of edible treats, glowing jellies, tequila drink me potions and inhalable cocktails.


Following their experience and encounters at the tea party, the CEO’s gave speeches and Nemo revealed his dastardly plan to steal them to run his own hotel.


From here guests moved upstairs to an apocalyptic disco room to dance the night away and be entertained by our interactive futuristic dance troupe in crazy costumes.


A lot of fun was had by all!

“Thank you all so much for Friday. The venue you found was incredible, and the transformation you made on the day even more so. Really enjoyed it and thought the actors and performers were amazing! It was a great, great night and everything we could have hoped for.”

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