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insync_triangles (2).png

B R I E F 

To produce a truly intimate and inclusive occasion in an outdoor setting, with personal touches unique to the couple’s spiritual beliefs and aesthetic.



We scoured the idyllic island looking for the perfect venue to host both the wedding ceremony and reception, finally deciding on the beautiful Atzaro for its varied mature garden settings and late license, meaning guests could party until dawn!


The bride and groom decided on a humanist format for the ceremony, working with the four elements and guests were seated in quadrants symbolising Earth, Air, Water and Fire.


The couple read a vow and performed a ritual to each corner in turn, and each section was decorated correspondingly with coloured flowers, herbs and ribbons.


The ceremony culminated with the couple standing in the centre as the Fifth Element, Spirit, and guests threw a rainbow of petals over them.


We worked with a florist on the island to design a hanging display over the head table, dripping with long stalked wildflowers and ribbons, complemented by mismatched vases on the tables.


Introducing a whimsical feel with the table centres, we hand making miniature hot air balloons and added more flowers in their baskets. The table plan was on a framed vintage map with luggage tags and the placement was individually chosen tarot cards.


Favours of Sal de Ibiza and Wildflower seeds were given to each guest, plus origami paper so they could make their own crane for the couple and place on the Wishing Tree.


After an amazing dinner and incredible performance by one of our favourite bands, The Earthlights, guests were given a piece of the stunning cake, which was covered in edible petals, as well as a Faust’s Potion to help stave off the hangover!