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B R I E F 

This year INSYNC were asked to organise all elements of the annual staff away day for 300 to ensure a fun and memorable weekend to top last year’s trip to Berlin.



Berlin was chosen as this year’s destination and rather than fly everyone by Easyjet as in previous years, we negotiated with British Airways to charter the group their very own private Boeing 747 from London’s Heathrow, creating a super special once in a lifetime start to the trip!


Working closely with BA, we ensured guests received the full VIP experience and everyone hugely enjoyed the journey, especially those who had won upgrades to First Class, Business and World Traveller.


Upon arrival, a fleet of coaches whisked everyone off to the five star Grand Hyatt Hotel located in the Mitte area of Central Berlin. Easy check in had been pre-arranged and guests were able to immediately relax and enjoy the luxurious surroundings for the evening ahead of the main party on Saturday.


After a day of sightseeing everyone was in great spirits for the main event, a private take over of the House of Weekend which boasts the highest outdoor terrace in Berlin.


An award ceremony kicked the night off with the CEO delivering his annual speech and handing out well-deserved trophies for stand out performances throughout the year, after which guests were free to enjoy a gourmet BBQ and free bar and dance the night away over the twinkling lights of Berlin.


After a welcome late check out, the private charter plane was waved off by ground crew excited to see a plane of that size at their airport, and couriered everyone home in comfort.. those flat beds came in particularly useful for the lucky few in First Class!


An amazing weekend to remember and we can’t wait for next year!

“Thanks again for everything, the weekend was amazing. I’ve had so much great feedback.”