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B R I E F 

Google asked us to create a WOW opening moment at their annual Think conference for 250 top agency clients at Victoria House Basement which demonstrated the power of their search and mobile technology.



We wanted to immerse guests in an engaging live performance which also seamlessly integrated Google tech, so we created the world’s first virtual Hangout Orchestra.. the concept flips the tradition of streaming live gigs to an online audience, and conversely a live conductor instructed twelve different musicians playing remotely from their homes to a live audience!


We worked with the talented young conductor Ewan Campbell to rearrange Clint Mansell’s 'Requiem for a Dream' and find the right musicians from across the Capital and after rehearsing a few times via Hangout ahead of the event, the live audience was able to watch Ewan conducting live from the stage via three video cameras while a grid showing each musician was displayed on the large screens.


To add to the impact of the experience, world-renowned beatboxer Reeps One joined Ewan on stage one minute into the track to lay his incredible vocal percussion over the top and build the performance to a crescendo.


The audience shared images and videos of the performance across their socials, impressed at how it illustrated the power of tech in connecting us all remotely in real time, one guest even declaring it was the best opener they had ever seen!


After a suitably unique and memorable introduction to the day guests were treated to a host of inspiring and insightful talks and interactive demonstrations.


“Thanks SO much for your involvement with the opener for Think – it went down so well with the audience and created the ‘wow’ moment that we were after!”

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