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B R I E F 

With such a saturation of Alpine lodges and predictable Christmas themes, we wanted to bring something fresh to the market, a setting for a truly memorable night to be talked about for months as a unique shared experience.



Inspired by the golden age of travel, the creative concept ‘Voyages Extraordinaires’ was designed to immerse attendees in a world of exploration, discovery and wonder and guests were invited to follow the story of a Georgian-era explorer and her journey through different worlds, each with a cast of colourful and curious characters.


Adam House, formerly home to the notorious Adam Street and Green Room members’ clubs, was chosen as the venue due to its prime Central location and stunning original Georgian features.


The multi room layout enabled us to create different experiences in each room which were opened throughout the event, and also gave the versatility for different groups to have their own private spaces before joining together in a shared experience.


Arriving on the cobbled streets outside the venue, guests were greeted by our steampunk explorer who proudly recounted tales and encounters from his many travels before ensuring each guest was suitably prepared for their journey ahead.


As groups arrived they were ushered down to the Explorer’s Study – overflowing with books, manuscripts, globes, telescopes and paraphernalia from across the world – to be welcomed by an American Aviator and her young wide eyed protege Jules Verne. Here they were given a “safety briefing” and invited on the next adventure, their most ambitious yet.. to the Moon!


The reception space was dressed as the ‘Flight of the Airship’ and guests enjoyed welcome drinks as a madcap crew readied the ship for take off and the incredible Swing Ninjas played an energetic fanfare.


Once the room was filled and canapés served, an immersive performance ensued and with a loud crash, flashing lights and smoke effects the airship has landed and the next room is revealed.


Our amazing alien contortionist welcomed guests into The Moon Room which took inspiration from silent cinema’s Georges Melies and featured a glowing moon, planets, twinkling dance floor and stars hanging overhead.


Setting the scene for the main entertainment space, various cabaret and walkabout acts performed throughout the night before a DJ had the dance floor jumping until the early hours.


For those inspired to explore, two secret rooms could be found.. through a hidden door lay a snow capped mountain at the very top of the world where guests dropped in for a rum spiked hot chocolate and met a man at the edge of madness with only a polar bear for company.


Plus for the more curious guests our underwater disco lay beneath in the atmospheric vaults serving UV cocktails amongst giant clam shells, bioluminescent jellyfish and our mermaid glitter girls.

“It was an amazing night, thank you so much.. I think everyone will be talking about it for a long time and we will be in touch with our plans for next year!”