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B R I E F 

This year YouTube partnered with one of the hottest events of the Summer, Soho House Group’s House Festival at Marble Hill in Richmond – INSYNC were commissioned to design and produce their hospitality tent, the main stage wrap, festival entrance sign and welcome performance, plus an array of site wide touch points.



With the aim to bring the brand to life around music and deliver memorable content and production which engages and surprises the audience both at the festival and online, a series of bright installations and pop-up participatory moments were created.


The site wide visual language drew on the Summer garden party setting with foliage walls populated with colourful fresh and fake flowers, real instruments and lots of bespoke butterflies incorporating the iconic play button motif.


The festival sign at the entrance was the first touch point with this language and a perfect photo opportunity before guests made their way through a tunnel of foliage, instruments, butterflies and hanging neon tubes amongst colourful ribbons.


Our versatile dance troupe were on hand to entertain waiting guests and performed a fun and high energy mash up of six of the biggest all time viral music videos and their iconic dance routines.


The main hospitality tent next to the main stage was designed to feel like a proper room with papered stud walls, colourful planters, a screen showing sizzle reels and a Cowshed spa therapist area, as well as a photo booth situated in it’s own area with a foliage back drop, retro microphones and hanging filament bulbs.


We created the main YouTube signage using fresh red roses on the back wall and colourful flowers burst from a display of real instruments around it. The iconic Kylie quote “just can’t get you out of my head” was hung behind the bar in neon in homage to the headline act, alongside a real piano back bar, painted red.


Day bed seating and poseur tables with the play button motifs in the brand’s iconic red and white ensured guests could relax in comfort stage side.


A separate YouTube Your Turn tent echoed the production design but offered guests the opportunity to try their hand at carpool karaoke in a brand new BMW – seeing main stage host James Corden also pop by for a quick rendition! – and we recreated the living wall back drop for a matrix photo booth where guests’ queued to have their flying poses captured in mid air.


Across the site we produced several unique touch points including a real grand piano painted red with a swarm of butterflies flying from it’s hood, which saw various guests have a tinkle throughout the day, and a giant Bowie lightning flash in red and silver shimmer disc – a very popular photo moment!

"THANK YOU! Everything was amazing!"

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