The Art of Wellbeing: A Programme of Events for Your Team

In case you missed the memo, wellbeing is so much more than just ‘being well’ - especially in 2020. While the avocados and coconut water get you (vegan) brownie points, it’s more about taking a holistic approach to your mental and physical health to ensure you not only maintain a healthy body and mind, but reach your full human potential. Think feeling like Superman, but without the flying, kryptonite allergy and your pants stay firmly underneath your outfit.

When people spend a third of their lives at work - whether in the office or remotely due to ongoing government restrictions - companies have a huge part to play in ensuring the wellbeing of their staff is a priority. And as things around us remain in a state of flux, it will help if our insides aren’t.

The benefits of having an employee wellbeing programme are plentiful and far-reaching. From increased productivity and engagement, to reduced illness-related absenteeism and healthcare costs, it can actually ‘pay’ to invest in such a programme and many businesses are rightfully starting to offer them as part of their perks and benefits packages.

Forewarned is forearmed as they say and for a truly integrated strategy, any programme should seek to cover our six key pillars of wellbeing:







As we hop, skip and jump slightly less merrily than usual towards Christmas, wellbeing should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds (not just presents and Baileys). Resilience, connection and compassion is going to be much-needed as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, and collaborative wellbeing events will play a key role in helping build and foster them.

While the varying restrictions make large-scale away days less likely this season, remote sessions are understandably becoming increasingly popular. Even during this uncertain period, people still want to bond, take the time to focus on their mental and physical health and align those chakras we keep hearing about. Here at INSYNC, we have amazing ideas and opportunities to make that not only possible during the ‘new normal’, but also truly inspirational and effective.

So what should a virtual wellbeing programme look like? Well, it could be a full day or one-off sessions run regularly on a weekly or monthly basis, including a mix of formats such as informative webinars and interactive tutorials/ demos - as well as one to one appointments with a team of wellness experts.

The programme can be tailored to any seasonal requirements, key dates or personal themes throughout the year - here’s one we made earlier, with a holiday season twist to get you started:


All guests receive a bespoke event pack delivered directly to their homes full of foodie treats and DIY maker kits



Dive in to your ready-to-heat yummy breakfast box containing immunity building goji + chia porridge and an energy-boosting turmeric and ginger shot


Sit back and relax as one of our mindfulness gurus takes you through a guided meditation to help ease bodily tension, reduce stress and set positive intentions for the day

10.30 - PHYSICAL

Family-friendly movement class - step away from the chair and re-wild your movement with primal dance and animal flow postures


Demo session to make-your-own mid-morning ‘Power Up’ cacao + banana smoothie or ‘Warm Up’ comforting Golden Mylk turmeric latte


12.00 - CREATIVE

Tap into the power of vision boarding - create your own inspirational collage of festive decor and styling ideas to make this holiday season extra special


Time to open your personal food box containing local, sustainably-sourced organic produce and cook along with a celebrity chef as they show you how to build your own amazing buddha bowl before tucking in!


Family-friendly nature ramble and scavenger hunt - take a short local stroll to stretch your legs, get back to nature and collect our list of foraged items from the local park


15.00 - CREATIVE

Pressed flower cards and wreath-making - use your DIY kits to create stunning, personalised greetings and festive furnishes, incorporating items found on your walk for some added je ne sais quoi


Webinar with one of our mind experts on the importance of self-care through winter talking all things gratitude, exercise and morning/ evening rituals


Restorative virtual sound bath - experience the powerful revitalising effects of this immersive sound experience from the comfort of your home

17.15 - SOCIAL

Create and enjoy your own festive-inspired botanical mocktails together to cheers the end of the day, with interactive games (optional!)

With expert curation, detailed planning and a solid schedule of specialist talks, creative maker sessions and home ‘workouts’, one of our programmes can provide everything your team needs and more. Ready to give it a try? Let’s get it aum!


Are you event-ready for Christmas and the New Year? Want to put on an unforgettable, restriction-compliant function? For awesome one-off and seasonal pop up-ideas, get in touch with our team today for a tailor-made package.

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