The Biggest Wellness Trends For 2020

We all know that workplace wellness programmes are no longer considered a perk but rather corporate social responsibility and business necessity. Encouraging wellness in the workplace engages the best talent, generates a great place to work, and renders employees the tools they need to maintain a healthier work-life balance. With so much impetus from individuals seeking wellness offerings in the workplace and high corporate competition, being on top of the trends for 2020 has never been so important.

1. Eco-therapy

The healing power of nature to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system -or to rest it- has seen a continual rise in prominence. Benefits of biophilia see a lowering in stress and anxiety to significantly boost mood, it’s no wonder we’re unplugging and moving outdoors. From running to cycling, we’re all spending more time in the fresh air, but eco-therapy is so much more than a walk in the park. Think desk top terrariums, micro herb gardens, hanging macrame pots, wild foraging, office allotment or a philosophy ramble.

2. Sound Healing

With a whopping 285% increase in searches (Harpers Bazaar), sound baths have well and truly entered into mainstream culture alongside the likes of yoga and meditation. Being ‘bathed’ in sound produced by crystal bowls to specific frequencies stimulates distinct areas of the brain, releasing tension, aiding relaxation and calming the mind. Create a sacred space in your workplace every couple of months and take some time out for mind, body and spirit.

3. Collective Practice

Cast aside the after-hours boozing that inevitably takes its toll on both employee vivacity and corporate wallet in favour of collective exercise. Motivational workouts for the workforce, be they sweat inducing rhythmic dance routines, voguing workshops, hula extravaganzas or team cycle rides, are hugely time and cost effective. It’s no secret that exercise releases vast quantities of endorphins, promoting feelings of wellbeing, vitality and enthusiasm - a winning combination for productivity and bonding in the workplace.

4. CBD Tea

Cannabidiol, the non psycho-active compound of cannabis is perfectly legal. The trend took hold in 2019 and is set to grow in 2020 as the benefits of CBD oil are more widely acknowledged. With CBD oil now incorporated into everything from skincare to chocolate, improving focus, memory, mood and reducing anxiety, it’s no surprise employers are seeking to utilise the benefits for their employees. Try adding a CBD tea station to your office juice and cleanse bar for the new year.

5. Wellness Retreating

Forgo the boozy itineraries, cultural excursions and daily screen stress, on trend for 2020 is the wellness retreat. With a wealth of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic offerings, mind, body and soul cleansing to have employees thinking and feeling differently in-house has never been so easy. The word ‘retreat’ literally means to pull-back from engagement; once upon a time the reserve of the hardcore, weeks on end receiving enemas and staring at walls has had a mainstream makeover. The contemporary wellness retreat for the workplace is all about a sustained workshop programme incorporating everything from vision boarding to plant mandalas, kombucha brewing to desk detoxing, indoor zen gardens to puppy yoga.

Introducing regular wellbeing workshops that bring teams together are proven to improve productivity, culture, and independent employee satisfaction. Start as you mean to go on: prioritising employee fulfilment at the beginning of the year will ensure a positive motivational attitude and output from the word GO.

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