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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

The wellbeing community have been gaining a lot of mainstream traction over the past couple of years and helped by the power of Instagram as a platform to host their inspirational content, have finally achieved serious cut through in the workplace. There is a huge amount of focus on new wellness trends and fitness agendas, especially on mental health – mindfulness and meditation apps are growing fast and companies are realising that they have a real responsibility to look after their employees day to day happiness and it has a direct effect on productivity. It’s now commonplace to find regular fitness classes taking place in the office and many offer a dedicated think space to escape to, as well as a programme of events to help employees relax and re-centre.

Health and wellness-focused team building activities will also reign supreme this year – we are working longer, playing harder and stress is ever on the increase, so it’s a smart move for employers to explore new ways to help their employees’ release and recharge. No longer just yoga and scented candles, this billion dollar industry now offers a whole host of inspiring ways to keep your team feeling good and charged up, with the following are set to be the biggest trends in 2019…


Understand your motivations better and reset your thought patterns by taking the time out to clear clutter from the mind. Whether silent self-healing in a quiet room, a guided group class or fun creative art or craft workshop to recenter and focus the attention – some of our favourites include origami, botanical drawing and mindful marbling from our friends at Patternity


Taken from traditional Chinese, Indian and Tibetan culture, gongs and singing bowls are now well understood as having profound healing properties, using particular frequencies to relax the body and mind, improve concentration and sleep and even re-setting our DNA. For a nourishing sound bath using the harmonics of gemstone, mineral and crystal alchemy we highly recommend a blissed-out evening with our favourite duo Sound Sebastien


Often heavily targeted at the female population with yoga mat in hand and green juice in tow, the industry is finally focusing on men’s needs. With male mental illness on the rise and suicide the biggest cause of death in young men, encouraging them to focus on self-care is long overdue and we welcome the increase in real men championing the cause – from Instagram phenomenons such as personal trainer and nutritionist the Body Coach to Natural Lifestyle Coach Tony Riddle who specialises in re-wilding movement techniques to take you away from your desk and has challenged us to spend 10% of our day in nature, replacing screen time with sky time for at least 2.4 hours per day.


Moving massively into the mainstream in the past couple of years, all things witchcraft and new age spirituality signal a move away from mass-consumerism to self-exploration. Heal, align, clear and transform energy patterns, supercharging your mind, body and soul with sacred stones and crystals from our friends at The Colourful Dot or delve deep into a personalised astrological birth chart or tarot card reading to explore how what makes us creative and feel alive to connect with our vital expressive pulse and discover our true life’s dharma. For a “now age guide to a high vibe life” check out Ruby Warrington’s The Numinous


We often ignore the importance of breathing properly, it is what sustains our being after all. Shallow breathing is a huge contributor to stress and anxiety and so a class in better breathing techniques is crucial in the art of mindfulness and meditation. Our friend Breathpod offer assistance with techniques to both individuals and corporate groups. During sessions, breath is monitored using hands-on acupressure, sound, movement and coaching to correct any ineffective or constricted patterns


With the uprise of movements like Slow Food and ‘Veganuary’ we are becoming far more focused on the food we put into our bodies and seeking to educate ourselves around sustainable and ethical eating. The younger generations are choosing Vegetarian/ Vegan/ Dairy free lifestyles in droves, insisting on a transparency in the provenance of our food and with climate change a very serious concern, sustainable farming and agro-ecology which “centres on food production that makes the best use of nature’s goods and services while not damaging these resources.” is under the spotlight We would love to assist with ideas for your wellness programming in 2019 around these topics and lots more – get in touch to find out more!

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