Unique Culture In The Workplace

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”

The term ‘Corporate Culture’ is something we are hearing a lot more of these days, and companies are increasingly appreciating how crucial it is to have a good balance between workplace and employee happiness. Culture can be a unique expression of your company's character, personality and values of your organisation, and a positive workplace drives employee engagement and has a huge impact on job satisfaction and ultimately performance.

A recent study indicated that almost half of the UK workforce have experienced poor mental health at their current job but only half of these shared this with their employers. Young employees are particularly at risk for mental health issues, with 12.5% of 21-25 year olds indicating they suffer from depression, rising to 17.2% for 18-20 year olds. Shockingly, only 40% of employees say they are encouraged to take contracted breaks.

In an age of embracing mindfulness and balance, employees should look forward to coming to work.. happiness is conducive to productivity and is a huge part of company success, which is why culture matters and is a worthwhile cause to invest in.

If you are wondering how to engage your team in an authentic way you first need to consider your specific audience and what they care about, be it tackling weighty issues they may be facing head on, or to bring a bit of light hearted fun and relief to the working day.. we would recommend a blend of both!

Programming a one off or series of tailored workshops are a great way to boost team morale within the company and are an amazing opportunity to invite employees to take time out from their busy schedules and engage in a creative of relaxing activity together. 34% of employees indicate they have felt unwell because of work-related stress and in our fast moving, high pressure environments, employers have a serious responsibility to offer some valuable time out moments. They are also a really cost effective way to integrate regular team building into your culture, providing a safe and supportive space for meaningful connection between employees who may not get together on a regular basis.

Increasingly start ups and forward thinking companies now also embrace key seasonal events and cultural festivals as opportunities to host themed workshops and inclusive after work entertainment, from Hallowe’en to Diwali and mental health week to black history month, there are a wealth of occasions to celebrate!

We’ve been lucky enough to test different concepts and formats across a range of corporate environments over the years - most recently curating this Wellbeing Series for Google and their media clients which has featured cooking demos, fitness fusion classes, terrarium making and stop motion animation workshops, animal therapy and a breathpod mindfulness experience, as well as inspiring talks from inspirational people who have overcome adversity.

This Winter season, we have a range of sustainable wellbeing & creative Christmas craft ideas to brighten up your office and delight your team with something different. Get hands on learning new skills to make beautiful and ethical botanical inspired home accessories and gifts, as well as herbal tonics to lift the spirit and manifest good intentions for yourself and loved ones.

The different sessions can be tailored to your audience and budget individually or in combination as a pre-booked programme or a more informal drop in experience at your office or party.

See our Workshops + Experiences Brochure to read more about some of our favourite activities for any time of the year, and get in touch if you would like to find out more about how we can curate a diverse range of activities with tailored content and delivery in response to your specific brief and key objectives, integrating special elements or messages where required.

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